Vancity Vibes with Baby C and Sarah K

Saturday, January 26, 2013 - 9:00pm


Performances by Baby C, Sarah K, MC Static and more...
Saturday, Jan.26th @ The Kozmik Zoo

Baby C

Stepping on stage at 5 feet 3 inches, female rapper Baby C is larger on the mic than she is in person. As an artist, writer, dancer and performer, Baby C is experiencing all angles of hip-hop. She can be compared to no other artist; her sexy style captures the attention of men and her lyrical content empowers women through an undeniably innovative flow. With an ability to make people dance to club tracks or vibe to slow jams, Baby C’s versatility has captured the attention of many fans. Her identifiable sound targets college students and thrives in the club scene.

Born in Vancouver, British Columbia, Baby C was influenced by various musical icons and started writing her own lyrics at the age of twelve. Her lyrics became a reflection of her life as her emotions were scribbled in ink. In 2000, she recorded her debut album in an underground studio and began to promote her own music. Breaking free of the stereotypical rap industry image, she let her music speak for itself.

Sarah K

Most people who hear Sarah K for the first time have a hard time believing that that voice comes out of her body. If you were to close your eyes, you would imagine a large buxom black woman in the glory days of Motown. 
Lincoln Imagin-El (Soulfile)

Sarah K is a 26 year old R&B singer from North Vancouver, Canada. Sarah K would say that her most influential singer has always been Mariah Carey. Sarah appreciates many contemporary R&B artists such as Alicia Keys, Lauren Hill and Joss Stone, but also has her ear tuned to the greats like Aretha Franklin and Chaka Khan. All are important influences that help Sarah K shape her sound. 

Presently Sarah K is continuing to write and perform non- stop. Her Deadmau5 inspired song "Hands Up!" has been getting radio play in the US, and in Europe on Top 40 stations, while her more flavourful R&B tracks hit there audiences from Louisiana to back here in Vancouver.


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