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Sarah K Finds her Voice with the Soul Collective

North Vancouver r&b singer performing at Amanda Todd Legacy fundraising concert


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By Nicholas M. Pescod, Contributing Writer June 11, 2013

For r&b singer Sarah K bullying was a part of her life as a teenager. “I am definitely very passionate on the subject because it is something that I had always struggled with growing up,” she says. The 26-year-old says that when she was growing up she was often criticized because of her aspirations. “Kids would tell me that I would never become a successful singer and that I was no good. “Even though they had never even heard me sing. Being told this time and time again made me angry and frustrated.”

Instead of letting the negativity bring her down, Sarah K used it as motivation. The North Vancouverite has since gone on to perform at various venues around the Lower Mainland. On June 13, Sarah K and her band the Soul Collective, performed at the Amanda Todd Legacy Fundraiser Concert with 2013 Juno nominee Elaine Lil’Bit Shepherd and MC Static. The show completes a two-part concert series with all of the proceeds going to the Amanda Todd Legacy Memorial Fund.

 “I know that a lot of kids are suffering in regards to bullying. I think it’s important that we raise awareness about these issues,” she says. “I know I went through it and sometimes it is hard to bring it up, especially when you are being judged.” The North Vancouver-native began writing music when she was 13-years-old. Her first live performance came two-years later at Capilano University.Sarah K says since taking the stage as a teenager her vocal ability has improved significantly. “I’ve found my voice,” she says. “I am much more confident on stage, and because of that I am able to connect with my audience.” The Argyle secondary graduate has been influenced by artists such as Alicia Keys, Aretha Franklin, Chaka Khan, Lauren Hill and Joss Stone. “Mariah Carey talks about overcoming obstacles in life so she definitely inspired me to write songs,” Sarah K says. “I love the sound of Lauren Hill as well . . . I like to write about everything, and things that people go through every day.” 

Last year her career got a big boost when Chris Steffler of Mercury Management and Element-80 Records signed her. “He (Steffler) helped me get my foot in the door,” she says. “I needed professional guidance and he was able to provide that.” In July Sarah K will be releasing her debut album, All My Life.

“I started recording the album three years ago,” she says. “I would say each song was a different experiment. I’ve evolved in those three years and you will notice that.” Cont...

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