"Runnin' Away" - Sarah K Releases Her Latest R&B Track

Sarah K Hits Her Stride with Runnin' Away

Another smooth and souful song from Sarah K.  This track is a driving R&B plea to the man that is weary of the misunderstood strong-minded beauty "...Don't Go Runnin' Away". Sarah K once again has listeners looking into her lyrics where they can identify with what is means to need a little more time before the one you want slips away.

Produced by German producer, Starchild, "Runnin' Away" has been receiving rave reviews across Europe.  Studio sound engineer, Jamie Kuse was key in bringing forth the smoothness in Sarah's voice for this track as well.  Big shout-out to Jamie!

For the last 6 months Sarah K has been writing and recording tracks for her upcoming EP.  That means more tracks coming soon.  Expect another Top 40 track to follow-up on "Hands Up!"

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Verse 1:

(runnin’... away....)

Caught me on one my bad days
(One of my bad days)
Didn't mean to get up in your face
(In your face)
I admit, I like to be chased
(But that might be to much work for your taste)
Boy, just hold on
(Hold on)
You will regret it for so long
Cause leaving me behind  
(Leaving me behind)
Would be an opportunity wasted


(Don't misunderstand me)
Don't go baby
I'm just a strong minded lady
I want you next to me
Boy, you are from my fantasy

Don't misunderstand me
Don't go baby
Didn’t mean to drive you crazy

So don’t go runnin’ away
Don't go.......don't go runnin’ away
Don't misunderstand me
(Don’t misunderstand)

Don't go baby
Just want to be your honey lady
So don’t go runnin’ away
Don't go.......don't go runnin’ away
(Don’t go)

Verse 2:

Stick around take time with me baby
(Hold on baby)
You would find that I'm your dream lady
(I’m your lady)
I don't mean to scare you away
(But leave me now, you'll regret it someday)
Boy, I come off strong
(Off strong)
That things that I said came out wrong
Trust me when I say boy
(Believe me when I say)
Deep inside, I gotta thing for you baby

-Repeat Chorus


Come take a ride with me
and look inside you’ll see
Don’t you go runnin’ away!

-Repeat Chorus


Don’t run away….
Don’t you run away
Don’t run your run away...yeah..(ohhh)