Sarah K releases her latest single "High Expectations"

"High Expectations"...A Musicians Anthem.

Sarah K joins forces with American MC QUOTE from SIQ(NH), and Producer Genesis7(LA) to throw down another soulful R&B track with an urban flavor. Their lyrics are a storyful ode to the struggles, sacrifices and dedication musicians push through to bring about their dreams.  It is a battle between having "High Expectations, and No Patience"

High Expectations by Sarah K

Verse 1:

So many things I’ve gotta do
Where to start I’m overwhelmed
I’ve got High Expectations
( I gotta hold it down)
Too much time in the studio
Workin’ hard with all my heart
Gotta tell my girls
not to come around

Never easy I want it all
(Never easy)
Top ten songs and videos
(Wanna make this beat define my sound)
Today my dreams seem so far away
(Today, today)
no patience I want it now
Then you stop to tell me
(Baby slow it down)

I got no patience
and High Expectations
I’ve gotta get this right
High Expectations
with no patience
Drives me crazy inside
(I gotta hold it down)

“Quote” Rap Solo

Verse 2:

Scarifying time with my man
My baby a consequence
I’ve got no patience
(And it tears me up inside)
Up all night while the world’s asleep
(Awake alone)
scratching down my melody
Trying to find that world to fit my rhyme

Some say I’m a perfectionist
(People always say)
No second best
Won’t settle for less
So I’ve gotta mix this down just right
My future is getting closer everyday
gigs lined up March, April, May
My dream is my music, my music!


My childhood dream
is where my drive comes from
That's why I need it now
Been waiting to long
I’m waiting, I’m waiting
Been waiting to long!


High expectations
(I ain’t got)

I can’t wait any longer