Sarah K Supports Amanda Todd's Legacy and CKNW Orphans' Funds

Press Release: Bullying Stops Here!

Sarah K has pledged to donate all of the proceeds from the sale of her song "FLY" to Amanda Todd's Legacy/Memorial Fund and The CKNW Orphans' Fund. Please click on the poster or the "buy' button on the song player below to purchase "FLY" by Sarah K. Make a difference for Just $0.99



'FLY' — an Anti-Bullying Anthem

"It is about believing in matter what....shine in the dark...even when it hurts."  Sarah K

Sarah K's R&B/Soul ballad "FLY" is the most emotionally charged song yet by the singer/songwriter. The heart-felt; sometimes gripping lyrics and emotional vocals were motivated by her own experiences as a young woman. The story is..."always hold your head up high".  For anyone that was ever told or made to feel that they wouldn't or couldn't achieve their goals, this song is for you. It speaks to the struggle of overcoming the pains that life and sometimes people throw your way.

On January 25th of this year, Sarah K had the honour of singing her song "FLY" to a room full of community leaders, Evander Holyfield, and Carol Todd (Amanda Todd's Mother).  Later that evening, Carol Todd passionately and tearfully shared about her daughter Amanda, and the struggles she faced from being bullied at school and on the internet. She went on to talk about the desperation, and ultimately the anguish that her family felt in an effort to help Amanda through the torment.  Amanda Todd tragically took her own life, but not before expressing her feelings with the world, and reinspired a movement.  It was that evening that Sarah K commited to doing whatever could as a public figure, and recording artist to help bring awareness to anti-bullying initiatives.  "Bullying happens way too often on our school grounds, and in our places of work...together we can stop it!"

If you are hosting an anti-bullying event and would like to invite Sarah K to perform, please contact or call 778-997-4540